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  • First visit to Maldives, what you should know

    Total Budget : Less than $1000 from Dubai. Activities : Cruising, Swimming, Diving, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling…and other water sports Rating : 8/10   This time I stopped at the pearl of the Indian ocean, Maldives. Booked via holiday factory . As advertised, they fulfilled their promises. Their team in the Maldives was great. Maldives consists of many […]

  • Things you should not miss in your trip to India

    I talked about my trip to the golden triangle in India two years back. Things you should not miss (I missed some of them and I still regret and they will be in my top list next time) : 1- Buying more Gemstones from the gems market. You can find these gemstones in very cheap […]

  • Everest base-camp trekking for photographers

    Total Budget : Around $2200 from Dubai. Activities : Trekking Rating : 8/10 Difficulty : Shaolin Monk   Born and raised in the UAE its hot and humid climate that reaches up to 60C in summer and minimum 12C in winter. Taking a decision to go to Everest base-camp alone was not simple. I read stories about the risk and […]

  • The Golden Triangle : Trip to India Delhi, Jaipur, Agra

    The golden triangle in India consists of 3 cities. Delhi, Jaipur, Agra. People named it this cause they form a triangle in the map (somehow). Golden cause its rich in culture from different eras. It was November, the weather was fine (not cold, not hot). Beside my camera I carried some cloths (not winter cloths). Money, You […]

  • Garden and Spring : Abraaj Group Art Prize 2014

    “Trees heavy with birds hold the afternoon up with their hands Arches and patios. A tank of water, poison green, between red walls A corridor leads to the sanctuary” As Abraaj Group Art Prize 2014 unfolded. I decided not to write anything this year. Sometimes silence speaks the truth, but it’s hard to just not […]