• “In the years I have worked together with Abdulhamid, I have always enjoyed his thoughtful, structured approach to resolving complex issues. Not only on the frontend but in a lot of areas of software engineering he can be relied on having a sound up-to-date view and ability to deliver.”

    Marcel Dumont
    Commercial Online Services Advisor, GulfNews

  • “Abdulhamid is a star. A great leader for the Development team, with extensive technical knowledge across front and back end (it’s quite frightening how much he knows and can deliver). He’s been an impressive lead on major projects and has worked far and above the call of duty. He’s a pleasure to work with.”

    Jonathan Richards
    Group Digital Strategy Director, GulfNews

  • “Hardworking, focused, straight forward, and very friendly and can work under pressure and deliver on time.”

    Mubbasher Mukhtar
    Staff Software Engineer, Emaratech

  • “Abdulhamid is a very dedicated and hardworking developer. He’s a perfectionist who always pursue doing the right thing the right way. He also has a high artistic sense and a good taste which makes him a very good front-end developer.
    It was a real pleasure and absolutely inspiring working along side Abdulhamid.”

    Robert Zikry
    UX Designer, Emaratech

  • “Abdul Hamid is a hard working person who works with dedication to achieve organizational goals. I am impressed with his style of work and the way he tackles complex tasks. He is a valuable asset to which ever company he works for.”

    Syed Mazhar Ali
    Sr. Software QA and Testing Professional, Emaratech

  • “Abdulhamid is one of the dedicated developers i have seen , when it comes to front end expertise, learning and bringing new UI/UX techniques and making the product look more than presentable. Along with his front end skills, he copes up well with design and database level implementations whenever and where ever needed.

    Abdulhamid also hold soft skills to understand and communicate with different horizon of people and also project demonstrations is a plus. With little more dedication and flexibility , he is a best hire for any company that has a vision to improve. Over all, he was one of the best resources I have managed till date”

    Aakif Hassan
    Technical Project Manager, Emaratech

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