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  • Things you should not miss in your trip to India

    I talked about my trip to the golden triangle in India two years back. Things you should not miss (I missed some of them and I still regret and they will be in my top list next time) : 1- Buying more Gemstones from the gems market. You can find these gemstones in very cheap […]

  • Everest base-camp trekking for photographers

    Born and raised in the UAE its hot and humid climate that reaches up to 60C in summer and minimum 12C in winter. Taking a decision to go to Everest base-camp alone was not simple. I read stories about the risk and the trekkers who got missing…etc. But that made me more eager to do it. Telling my pears […]

  • The Golden Triangle : Trip to India Delhi, Jaipur, Agra

    The golden triangle in India consists of 3 cities. Delhi, Jaipur, Agra. People named it this cause they form a triangle in the map (somehow). Golden cause its rich in culture from different eras. It was November, the weather was fine (not cold, not hot). Beside my camera I carried some cloths (not winter cloths). Money, You […]

  • Garden and Spring : Abraaj Group Art Prize 2014

    “Trees heavy with birds hold the afternoon up with their hands Arches and patios. A tank of water, poison green, between red walls A corridor leads to the sanctuary” As Abraaj Group Art Prize 2014 unfolded. I decided not to write anything this year. Sometimes silence speaks the truth, but it’s hard to just not […]

  • An Intern

    “An Intern! Why?” Same question for three years! It’s funny how people expressions varies when they read the title or we come to know that are interns. Some people look down on us, some people treat us bad and some others respect us more and treat us well. It doesn’t matter if you know what’s your […]