Words about Love

love rose

It is strange how our expressions are similar about love. A poem that thousand years or yesterdays old will talk about the same feeling. It’s not a matter of culture or time. Love is always there. Love is this type of feeling that can be known by many ways other than direct words. Maybe the wrong way sometimes is to use direct words. It will make love look like hollow even if it is real from deep inside.

Love is about how you think and believe in your heart. Sometimes you feel like breaking all rules of logic just to see a smile but you have to balance logic with heart or you will lose both. It’s about what you can offer to please, comfort and take care of your beloved. It’s about respect and not being selfish. Love should force you to give without expecting anything in return. To train your heart to be generous.

Love and sacrifice are the most beautiful twins. Sacrifice of time, money, self and everything. The more love  the more sacrifice is. The lover always feels this inner satisfaction when he sacrifices for his love. This sacrifice is the proof that the lover’s devotion to his beloved. Being able to step into this level of love means with no doubt what people call “true love”. Which is the third and high level of pure love that exists between couples.

Love is that kind of guest who have many signs before getting inside your heart. It’s a kind of feeling that digs deep and it’s hard to let go. It makes you happy or sad without a clear reason, but you have to control it by strong mind or you will step into being selfish who cares about his feelings only.

We differ in our ways of expressing our love. Even the way some of us react is way too strange. There is no way we can live without it. We sometimes prefer to die in the cause of love and not live an immortal life without it. It is a matter of existence. As long as we exist there is love.

When we fall in love we just accept our beloved as the way he is. We even don’t think about anything else other than the things we can offer to make him happy. We just feel like the owners of the world when our beloved is happy. We feel that we lost everything when our beloved is sad. It’s a kind of bond that ties the souls. A bond that can curve tears or draw a smile on the heart.

It’s the same feeling which bonds us out of our physical forms. A realm where souls have special forms. A realm without boundaries or barriers. Where the love between rich and poor can happen. Even love between opposites can happen. It’s this kind of emotion that affects many other feelings in a complex harmony.

What is love?

Answering to this question is not important as living it. If you want to know what is love then you have to fall in love and everything said above will start to make sense to you. Love is a feeling it’s not magic or a far star.

You can fall in love and you can fall out of love. As simple as that. Treat your love like a flower. Take care of it and it will give you it’s beauty. Leave it without care and it will wither and die.

As much as people fantasize about love and soulmate fantasy and all the drama that comes in between. The reality is just simple. Love is an emotion. Precisely as Joe Beam described in his book “The art of falling in love”, love is a path. Try to walk on the way of love and you will reach.