Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai

6th of November 2011

The weather feels nice. My heart is calm. Behind me “Burj Khalifa” (the tallest building in the world till writing this line). In-front of me “the dancing fountain”. “The Dubai Mall” on the left and on the right “Souq Albehar”.

Lovely view. ……

It’s the 4th day of “Eid AlAdha”. The place is full of people from all cultures, from all parts of the world. (Stopped for a moment. Closed my eyes) ……

(I can recognize three languages and the others seem like a puzzle)

Sound of a symphony in my ears. Kids are playing around. Everybody is trying to take as many photos as they can. Some are talking about how amazing this building is. A woman is giving her son a lesson in discipline. Lovely people texture…
It’s been a long time since I felt these peaceful moments with myself. I love this winter breeze. It was nice idea after all to come here after work. I feel happy to see all these people happy.

Two girls sat next to me …. The language is no doubt… Japanese

“Me: Kon’nichiwa (Hello) …” .. “Girl: hajememashite (nice to meet)” …

“Girl : isugashi … isugashi … isugashi (busy,busy,busy)” .. Hitting the camera… (mmm I miss mine too)

The dancing fountain just started …. (stopped for 5 minutes) ….


The Japanese in one sound “whaaaaaa …. Segoooi (amazing!)” … I love Japanese … it was awesome dance after all… I think this is enough for today.. I want to enjoy this peaceful moments my way .

my heart beat is calm
for the first moment in time
is it a spell or a magical tile?
or the lasting trace of her smile

maybe an illusion or it seems
or just another beautiful queen
as pure as the sunshine scene
or just another beautiful mien

I think it’s another endless dream
creo que es otro sueño sin fin