Feels just like home

Working in this room for the past ten months. We always have late projects deadlines. I don’t really care about the reason, but I really know that I have been working late since the day I stepped here. I don’t mind working late, because I don’t have anything to do outside. I love work regardless of work. I love to keep working and creating things.

This place feels like home now. I didn’t spend in my home the same time I spent in this room. Beside, this room had all kind of beautiful memories I could ever had in my life. My friends and the people I really met and loved from the bottom of my heart. Even my first love was here. I can see the shades, blades and remember all the beautiful moments. All the beautiful feelings just flow in my heart. I love that door. I love the sound the heels. I love the noise from people here. I decided to end lot of things in my life and start new things in this room.

Yet, I am blogging from this room. The best article full of love. The best poems I ever came off was from this room. This room is very huge just like a thing I carry in my chest.

Its the first room that taught me that; hate and love can exist in one heart, in one room. I can hear many languages many beliefs and many philosophies in just three meters walk.

I learned a lot and I don’t really regret any, because I love to learn and I love this room.

It’s hard to stay and hard to leave. I love this place, I love these people and I love my desk. Sometimes, I wonder about my life if I didn’t come here. It would be absolutely different. Who knows how much? I am sure it will not be this appealing, beautiful and painful.

Yes, it makes me feel I am home or maybe its home.

dark moments just before sun rays
but the night is long for us to stay

we meet some hearts in this night
kind hearts are like candles light

we can see them from far away
they let us stay and pray

to row forward the hope island
to float towards the spirits land

while the lime lights glow bright
like flares with hope they grow wide

replace the dark with light
as we keep holding our hearts tight