I can’t do that anymore! (Creative block)

Are you an artist? Poet? Writer?

Do you consider yourself creative?

If the answer was No, then try to understand creative people’s weird mood swings.

If it was Yes, then you will face something you’re probably familiar with, let’s call it “Creative Block”.

You will face it many times while walking on creativity path. You will run out of inspiration, thoughts and ability to produce new things. You will be numb, suffocated or even hopeless. You will lose motivation and you will be unable to continue what you were doing. You will be frustrated, depressed and dull. Creative block will continue for an hour, a week, a month or more. It is an obstacle in your creative life, that you must go through, but it is very good sign too. Nobody is immune to it, unless he decides to leave this path.

You will go into this state in the transition periods of your mental growth, which can range from person to another. Others may encounter it when they have overflow of thoughts. Problems in personal, emotional life plays a huge rule in it too. Common mental states also drive you into creative block are anxiety and stress. They will make you step into “tunnel vision” state. You will lose the ability to think “out of the box”. Fortunately, the more often you face creative blocks, the more you are advancing and growing. Adding up to your ability how to deal with it more efficient.

The ability to overcome and endure this mental state is the only way out of it. Usually, getting over this mental state unlocks more skills and abilities within one’s mind. You will feel your creativity flows like a river. First step, you must stick to the idea, “I will not give up”.

Do not give up and leave out the door to the darkness. Do not surrender to the idea of, “I can’t”. Having courage and will power to advance over this mental state are the only way out of, so never give up. Be a positive thinker. It is fine, just take it easy and do not panic. Do not let stress and anxiety block your vision. Be calm. Step back and take a deep breath. Keep yourself always with friends who urge you and show you the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

There are many ways to advance. You can get many advises, but you will figure out your own way. Personally, I go to the desert to clear my mind, to the beach, or to the mountains. Sometimes, I just talk to my friends and ask them for advice. Sometimes, I go to places that hold my childhood memories. You can figure out how to get over it but do not give up, as there is always a plan for hope. Remember always “Despair is not an Option” as every ending is a new beginning.