When you miss someone!

Dear Sister,
You were there. Your son was there. You were laughing here. He was making weird voices here.
You used to eat with us now. He used to walk and fall like this. I still see your shades around the house.
I still love you, like you, care about you and I am ready to protect you as I already did.

This is the memories I have now about you, It’s been one month. I know what does it feel when you miss someone. I know the pain and the joy of beautiful memories.

I wonder when I will be able to see you again and your son! Maybe next time he will be taller than me with his brothers and sisters.

I know what is the feeling in somebody’s heart when he sits alone in the room trapped by memories.
I know what is the feeling to be alone sometimes. The feeling to be worried about someone. It’s all fine. We are humans and we are suppose to feel this. That what makes us different.

I know exactly how those tears you shed taste like. What kind of feelings are there inside them.

Its fine to feel, its fine to be humans. We will still have hope that we will meet again one day, hug, kiss and have another good time, another beautiful memories.

What makes us what we are? our memories, our feelings, our emotions.

“Cheer up”

I don’t know I am saying this to you, to my self, to my family or to any other human who feels the same.

But as long as we love, like and care about someone we will always have some meaning in our life. A meaning nobody else can feel it unless he possesses a pure heart, caring heart, human heart.

Just do remember, you are not alone!

Your Brother