The Golden Triangle : Trip to India Delhi, Jaipur, Agra

The golden triangle in India consists of 3 cities. Delhi, Jaipur, Agra. People named it this cause they form a triangle in the map (somehow). Golden cause its rich in culture from different eras.

It was November, the weather was fine (not cold, not hot). Beside my camera I carried some cloths (not winter cloths). Money, You can easily use your credit card to buy stuff almost everywhere, and you can withdraw cash from any ATM. But remember be very cautious!

Golden Triangle Map

Golden Triangle Map

Don’t forget to Enjoy the food ( try all kinds ). And  don’t worry about gaining weight! you will probably lose weight cause you will walk a lot.

Day 1 :

Arrived to New Delhi international airport nearly at midnight. Tried to take the bus to Jaipur, but couldn’t. I was told there is riot in the buses area. I had to take the private taxi to Jaipur. I was supposed to meet friends in Jaipur, otherwise I would have stayed for the night. Bad planning, as an Advice start by spending 2 days in Delhi.

Day 2 :

Elephant and bike in jaipur streets


Reached Jaipur by Sunrise. It looked so beautiful, the mountains and the city. Such an amazing place totally different from Delhi. I am a mountain lover, and seeing the forts built on mountains was such a lovely sight for me. The road from Delhi to Jaipur was supposed to be the express route. It was too bumpy and rough compared to the roads I know. Tollgates made no sense at all.

The weather was chilling. A very kind family (my friend’s family) received me with warmth and care. The first day in Jaipur was relaxing. We went for lunch , and then sightseeing around the city. Arrived to home by evening, had Chai in the garden. Dinner then went to bed like a baby.

Day 3:I went to the pink city ( the old city within Jaipur). Places I visited

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal

In  the city palace I saw miniature artists selling some of their Artworks. I wanted to buy, but the driver convinced me not to (he said its expensive). I thought he knows better places, but he was just not convinced about it (not all people appreciate Art). I still regret not buying it till this day. If you happen to be there, just buy something. It’s unique type of art you wont find elsewhere.
Then I visited the Gem market, which is one of the biggest gem markets around. Beautiful precious and semi precious stones. I bought some (with help) I got very good prices. Otherwise you will be literally ripped off (but it will still be cheaper than anywhere else).

Day 4 :

This day was packed by lots of places to visit around Jaipur. I went to

I watched the sunset from Nahargarh Fort . Such capturing sight. Buildings all over the horizon, forts, lakes, mountains. I dropped my smart phone at this moment (cause of some thirsty monkey). It broke my phone and I went offline for the next days.

Jaipur view from top of the mountain

Jaipur view from top of the mountain

Jaipur view from top of the mountain



At night, I visited a Rajasthani Indian wedding. The types of food in this wedding are beyond my comprehension. And they all taste so good. It was my first Indian wedding ever, and i love
d it.
Hand craft

Crafts man

Day 5 :

I left Jaipur early in the morning. I took the express train to Agra. It was pretty cheap compared to what I paid for the taxi the first day (much more cheap than that). I reached Agra nearly at noon. Went to the hotel. Left my bags there then I left to roam around Agra. I went to the market. Saw some beautiful crafts, like Carpets, Marble and gems. I wish I had enough budget to buy. Such a unique stuff all handmade.
Then I went to the Red Fort. You can see Taj Mahal from the Red Fort. This fort was built 600 years back!




Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Day 6:
This day goal was Taj Mahal (obviously!) . The advice is to go there very early (before sunrise). You need to get in the queue early to see the beauty of this building during sunrise. And to avoid the heavy crowds that is from all over the world.

You need to leave Taj Mahal and go to the Mehtab Bagh ( in the opposite side of the river) to watch the sunset ( at least that’s my advice).

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Day 7:

This day was not much packed. I left Agra in the morning to visit Fatehpur Sikri . I visited also the commoners village next to the fort ( I love to see the people of the area not only the landmarks).
I went back to Agra and visited the old market and Jama Masjid .

View From the Mosque

At night , I went out walking around the city. I don’t advice anyone to do that unless you really know how to take care of yourself.

Day 8:

I took the train to Delhi by afternoon. Reached there by night. Checked in the hotel, Enjoyed the food around. Cosy day with a lot of food.

Day 9:

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar

In New Delhi, I only had this day. I visited few places :

I stayed in the gardens till sunset. So relaxing and beautiful monuments and cultural places inside.

That was my last day in India. My flight back to Dubai was 5AM in the morning.