Things you should not miss in your trip to India

I talked about my trip to the golden triangle in India two years back. Things you should not miss (I missed some of them and I still regret and they will be in my top list next time) :

1- Buying more Gemstones from the gems market. You can find these gemstones in very cheap prices in Jaipur city and in Agra. There are semi precious and precious stones. Below is the collection I had. I have a hobby of collecting stones from my travels. But even if you don’t have this hobby, it could be a good souvenir or even a gift for a loved one. My fav gemstones i bought from there were the sapphires and rubies  (different colors). You should know what you are looking for and bargain about the prices. If you share this interest, don’t miss it as I missed not buying more types and colors.


Gemstones from Jaipur

2- Buying a handmade marble from Agra. You can find this in the airport in the way out of In

dia, but its not the same quality or sophistication you can find in Agra. The carved marbles are filled with gemstones, and its usually defined by 3 factors :

  • The quality of the marble
  • The size of the carvings and the number of carvings
  • The type of gemstones filled in the carving and how many


I personally bought a small piece of marble as a souvenir and i am quite satisfied with it. But you you like this kind of stuff. You can find much more than that. The technique is by hand , and its said, its the same technique Indians used to build Taj Mahal marbles with.

Marble vases
3- Miniature Artworks. In Jaipur Hall Palace I found a section outside where there is miniature artists painting and selling their art. They do that on old pieces of letter papers. The quality of the paintings is really good, and the more it needed work the more you will find the price higher. But in a sense, its not high price at all. I found good pieces as low as $30, and you can actually hold a magnifier to see the details of the artwork. For example, if its a horse you can literally see the veins and details of the hair. These paintings are not made of the paintings you see in the bookshops. These are natural made paintings majorly from stones. (if you are an artist , maybe you will consider buying some of these stones/paints)

I missed my change to buy one of these artworks, as i though i can find it somewhere else, and I searched but it was only there in Jaipur.

4- The Food. You should enjoy all kind of food you can get your hands on. I never ate food in my life for pure enjoyment as I did in India. And I still lost 4kgs of weight cause i was walking a lot. The food there is usually made from stuff that are fresh (and could be handpicked in the morning). And organic. But be careful , I am not saying go eat anywhere, just pick good restaurants. And as a Muslim, like myself, I didn’t find any issue finding Halal food. To be more clear, Hindus don’t eat meat and hence they don’t slaughter animals. So enjoy the vegan food, its awesome. And if you want non vegan food, its easily available. Islam are the second major religion in India.


5- Photos, Take as much photos as you can. Take extra memory cards and extra batteries. Just take photos

6- Visiting Taj Mahal. Obviously, it doesn’t need explanation.

7- Try to go to a local Indian wedding. The experience itself is amazing, and the people will be more than welcoming you there. Just go, enjoy the functions, the food and the dance.

Indian Bride

Indian Bride