Alserkal Avenue Art Season Opening – Personal Opinion

I reached Alserkal Avenue at 4PM and started to walk around. It reminded me of the last preparation moments of Art Dubai. Everybody was busy putting the last touches, placing the last artworks, organizing the entrance and the direction signs. I headed toward Shelter and sat inside. There was a seminar suppose to be held there. I saw also the last minutes preparation there while reading an article about Wael Shawky (The winner in ACAP for 2012) in Canvas magazine .

The clock ticked 7:00 PM exactly and the place started to breath. All galleries opened their doors. The place was full of people. Something I really missed since the last time I went to SPM for “Conversations” Event. More art galleries were opened. The place became more alive and a hot spot for the Art scene in Dubai. It was something refreshing to see how all galleries collaborated together and organized this one opening season and I believe it was a huge success for all of them.
Walking through the galleries was like walking through different times, places and cultures. From east to west the eyes were rolling like a coaster and the heart feels joy. Though, all the galleries opened with something astonishing I found the following scenes are the ones who left a strong unforgettable impression in my heart:
1- Grey Noise (Understanding Magnetism / Michael John Whelan)

I was waiting at the door of Grey Noise gallery for the opening and I was not disappointed. The artworks shown there were something new, something I never seen before as a personal experience, which held the concept of science into pieces of art as we know.
The description/guide paper I was given at the entrance by Hetal Pawani and Umer Butt was really helpful to guide me through the gallery. I really loved to see more artworks shown inside the Grey Noise.

The quote on the paper just made me breath, It says it all :

“I would be ignorant as the dawn That merely stood, rocking the glittering coach Above the cloudy shoulders of the horses. -W.B. Yeats”

The one I loved the most was “Compass”. For more info about this Click Here

2- Green Art Gallery (Wounds / Jaber Al Azmeh)
I was really moved by the pictures shown. I did expect some pictures about the current situation happening in Syria, but I didn’t expect the artist to use the motion solitude figures on red background to give us the emotions in pure form. Each artwork had the ability to make me feel a kind of pain from these wounds. The idea to use anonymous figures made me place many pictures in the same artwork. I was a photographer in war-zone before and I know that these artworks ideas were chosen perfectly. I believe these artworks made me feel that they are mine. It returned back my memories when I lived in Palestine and witnessed the war there. I believe that all people who fight for their freedom will feel the same wounds. I believe also such artworks will make others feel empathy. They will deliver the story by heart.
Click Here to see the art works.

3- Ayyam Gallery (Telling Spaces / Majid Koorang Beheshti)
I loved the angels the artist took the pictures shown there. The exhibition consists of tow sections, the first one takes some special angels of architectures in grey shade and they are really fascinating. The other one is staged photos, each one with some concept and idea behind it. You will take sometime to think about it and figure out the idea and the surroundings/world inside each one.

It is worth to have a look and visit the gallery, the artworks will be shown till 10th October Click Here

4- Carbon12 (Coming Home / Gil Heitor Cortesão)

I didn’t know about this one. I never read about it or what it will contain. Fortunately I parked my car in-front of this gallery. I took a look from outside, but the paintings shown there just acted like a magnet to my heart. First, I thought they are oil on canvas paintings. I stepped inside to find marvelous pieces of artworks. I couldn’t figure how they were done. It was a technique I never seen before. You can read about it in the press release Here . The first thing came to my mind is the quote :

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”~Vincent Van Gogh

I returned back and took the paper from the reception. I started to read about it and I loved them even more. I spent half an hour in this gallery!

One last word; I believe the parking in Alserkal Avenue really needs a solution especially when it started to be a magnet for the Art lovers in Dubai. People were unable to find a place to park their cars. I believe Alserkal Avenue will grow more in the near future and there should be a solution, so it can welcome more people without any problems or waiting queues.