She taught me how to cry

I looked at her eyes under the sea of shadows. Innocent child’s eyes. “A pearl necklace! Are these tears?!” I asked myself. “Is there any tears left in this world? I thought it’s a myth?!”

I went into nostalgia while she was wiping her tears. She was trying to draw an innocent smile like her eyes. My thoughts shuffled. I saw an illusion of mermaid pearl tears on a drowning sailor … I am the sailor and this is my shadow… these tears are my redemption … Wait …! Wake up hopeless sailor return to reality.

A moment passed. All my principles about tears shattered. The mountain I am carrying in my heart just gave birth to a spring of water. My heart stopped for a moment. I know if I cried now I would fill a desert. I didn’t cry once in my life. The moments are passing like heavy mountains. My heart just exploded as an imprisoned volcano from absence times. My mind drowned in a sea of thoughts.

Isn’t the tears are the sign of weakness and despair?! No. Tears are expressing emotions of strength.
Do I still believe that the ability to not cry or shed tears is “Mans Strength”?! Yes. But the truth is different obviously as these tears.
I asked myself again … Why the baby cries when he is born? Why our beloved cry on us after we die? Why we cry when we feel happy? When we feel pain? When something moves our hearts? When we feel others? … Endless questions… The questions kept smashing my mind doors.

The unjust won’t cry. Dead hearts won’t cry. The dead won’t cry. Stones won’t cry. Only a living human can cry from his heart. If you are a living human then you have to cry. Maybe when you lose a dear friend or when you leave your homeland or when you fear your God. You may also cry when you see people in pain or when you feel injustice or see unjust. Maybe you will cry when you have a warm hug from your parents or when you fall in love or when you feel love. Maybe you will close your eyes and cry just because you want to cry.

Tears are created for the pure hearts. You can search for your redemption in a tear. You can send a poem or a long message one thousand tongues can’t say it by a tear. There is an old proverb says “When the man cries “. I kept asking myself about it. Does man cry?! … My society taught me always “Man doesn’t cry”. But in this only moment I found the answer … the truth …

A man will not cry unless he is a human that reached a level of emotions that the earth and the heavens can’t stand them. Man tears are a proof of his humanity. Man tears can only prove that he destroyed the fake ego, selfishness, self pride and hardness in his heart injected by the society.

It’s a myth I have seen in a moment while looking at an innocent eyes. It became a truth formed with words. Cause she taught me how to cry, even she had no idea about my thoughts. Innocent eyes who taught a man how to cry.

I fall in love with the silence stillness in your eyes

the magic there … under the eyelids

and the innocence of the child

with the colors of emotions

moments, days and years …

passed while I meditate and spend clarity
into those eyes

I am not myself anymore

the time is not the time

the place … the address

is those eyes
into those eyes
oasis where is safety

pearls and corals

and all the beauty

I dreamed as a human

the heavens sang eternity wind

of calmness basil and pomegranate blossom

and heavens underneath gardens

underneath a pure heart

my eloquent words could’t describe

pure rivers of beautiful melodies played

and covered the threads of tenderness

I went to the world of delirium

I meditated … I looked …

I looked at her eyes

I found an answer and shed my tears
I found my address

my time

my place

and everything