Yellow Moon

Once I read about a dragon who used to sleep alone on the side of the lake. He was happy doing whatever he wants. Strong, tough and fearless. Nothing could stand against him.

Once he slept and had a dream of himself as a colored butterfly wandering in the sky. Flying from colorful flower to another. Breathing the scent of spring. Touching the edge of heaven. Listening to his heart beat through the crispy chest.

The dragon woke up from this dream. He never felt like this happiness before. Though, he was powerless, weak and nothing in his dream. He smiled for the first time in his life. He realized the truth. He raised his head. Walked near the edge of the lake. Looked at the surface of the water. A tear slipped through his pride, he wept. The lake tasted his tears and turned salty. He shivered with fear and loneliness. He never fell asleep again. He never felt happy again. His moon turned yellow and his sky swallowed the stars.