Garden and Spring : Abraaj Group Art Prize 2014

Abraaj group art prize

“Trees heavy with birds hold
the afternoon up with their hands
Arches and patios. A tank of water,
poison green, between red walls
A corridor leads to the sanctuary”

As Abraaj Group Art Prize 2014 unfolded. I decided not to write anything this year. Sometimes silence speaks the truth, but it’s hard to just not say anything and it’s unfair.

It was my pleasure being with this wonderful and amazing team Savita Apte, Nida Ghouse, Nada Raza and the artists Kamrooz Aram, Basim Magdy, Abbas Akhavan, Bouchra Khalili and Anup Mathew Thomas and the rest of the team (and my friends) Juan Gutierrez, Maryam Goodarzi, Zoe Notara, Soodeh Bagheri ,Vipul Sangoi and Michael Salu.

I really loved what they did, each one of them was a shining star. Each artwork was a dream. It was so beautiful and the thoughts river could never reach it’s destination. Whatever I say is nothing and it won’t describe my heart. The spirit and aura of this year was different.  I can’t reach a conclusion why, that why I chose to let my heart beat with joy unquestioned.

This year was the last year for Abraaj Group Art Prize to be awarded to five artists, from next year it will be only one. Though, it’s hard for me to imagine it only one artist, one artwork.

Abraaj Group Art Prize was different experience for me for the past three years, I learned a lot and I really appreciate that and it’s time for me to complete my journey.

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