An Intern


“An Intern! Why?” Same question for three years!

It’s funny how people expressions varies when they read the title or we come to know that are interns. Some people look down on us, some people treat us bad and some others respect us more and treat us well. It doesn’t matter if you know what’s your target and have confidence in yourself. Internship is where you start to know the difference between reality and theory.
I am not a student,but I love learning. I have a good job out of the Art world. I manage my businesses very well and I am well-connected and well-known in my field of expertise. It all started of me being an Intern nine years back.
I intern, because I want to learn. I want to know people in this domain and connect with them. I know how much it’s important to be an intern in the field you target to grow in, cause it’s the way to see things differently before you grow up. Maybe I can say, it’s the most important period of your experience in a specific field. I was a student one day, I graduated and I was an intern for couple of years. These years were the years I grounded my knowledge of that domain. It’s where I planted my roots and started to know people and how work is done. Art field is no big different, in fact its much easier. If you want to start your way in the Art world, you should start as an intern (just mark my words). You should never feel shame on that no matter who you are and what some people make you feel.
When you are an intern:
– You can learn from your mistakes without being afraid
– You can be mentored by experts
– You can fail and try again
– You can see things from different prospective
– You have always the choice to stay or leave
– You get to know people the way they are
– You connect with people in the domain
– You do things for real
– You start the main thing in any successful work “Relations”
I met interns in the past three years (in my internship in AGAP/ArtDubai) and most of them don’t see the value. Most of them just doing it because they have to. This shouldn’t be the case, you as student should run for internship and do it with all your heart. If am not over exaggerating about it, but internship shapes your future.

Being an intern in the Art field is so enjoyable and fun than any other field (I knew).

“Why you should be an Intern?”  (you can read the article again from bottom to top)