Death as a state of mind

Walk into the light

Walk into the light

Alive, but dead. The ability to breath, eat, smile and sleep, but still not better than the dead. In some situations the dead are better.  The targets in life become unknown. Pillar of its roof is no longer there.

You reach a state of depression, frustration and disappointment from life. Awareness of this despair is there, but nothing can be felt. Actually, Nothing matters anymore.  It’s a point when living is possible, but without well-being.  Enjoyment of something that can make others happy is not there anymore.  The mind takes control over everything, turns the survival flags ON and stops the emotions to keep only breathing as a matter of necessity. The brain is emotionally damaged beyond recovery for the current time and declared an official “Emotional Shutdown”.
Love, sympathy, empathy, sadness are all luxuries. The smile is fake. The words are no longer from the heart and the performance of processes that depends on brain only is “highly efficient”. The remains of the heart are crying inside with some living fragments of silence. Moaning and weeping, but who cares!

Hope is forgotten. Days are the same, weekends coming very fast with no plans. Vacations are a matter of numbness. TV, video games, drugs or any virtual sanctum is the best way to kill time and to have another day. The more the spiritual needs are decreasing the more the physical needs are increasing and destroying the balance of human soul.

Loneliness is growing like a deadly beast inside. The trust of the outer world is fading into black. What tomorrow holds? Fear, anxiety or new hours that will pass on, it doesn’t matter anymore. The walls of self are growing high. Making the mind in a state of isolation.