Positive Thinking – there is always plan H (hope)


It’s hard when life situations make you feel frustrated, hopeless and despair. That moment when you find yourself alone, because you chose to be alone or just you were alone from the start. Friends never return your calls; never return your text messages back. All what you wanted actually someone to tell you “everything will be fine” or “all is well” even if it was a lie. You wish for that warm shoulder to weep on and feel comfort.

Life can make you lost. Can make you wander around not knowing where you are, what is today and what is tomorrow. Life is tough especially without that soul mate (the loved one) whom you feel relaxed just to look at his/her smile. Have that warm hug that wipes everything away.
It’s always good to find that loved one, but the reality his/her role is just complementary. What makes you find yourself, cope with despair and find your lost soul is you. If you didn’t find peace within your-self you will never find it somewhere else. No matter how many people are there for you, if you didn’t find that orb in yourself that has the solution for the problem you will never cope. Comforting and relaxing are like drugs that will ease your pain to recover faster, but the cure is in your inner-self. If you didn’t believe in this –unfortunately- you will cause pain to your loved ones and you will put yourself in the risk of losing them, which may destroy you forever.

Life cycle will never end. Flower blooms and dies to give a seed. One seed can start a whole field. There is always a spark of light in the dark, sunrise after a dark night. There is a moon and stars behind that far dark cloud. It’s always there even if you can’t see it now. Try to find your north star it will guide you. It’s always there in your sky shines bright. Try to look with open mind. You need only to realize the truth and believe it’s always there. Spread your hands and touch it, grab it and never let it go.

Anything you start to believe in will be reflected in yourself, your thoughts and your way of thinking. Humans are complicated; how this thing works it doesn’t matter. Change your thinking and you will find everything in your life changing. It will start changing the prospect of how you perceive things around you. How things will make you realize and find answers. Your worrisome thoughts will fade. Anxiety and deep loop thinking will vanish gradually. You will be able to see things more clearly and have many clear positive decisions. You will stop overreacting and burst of anger over small things. You will start feel empathy and put always the positive idea about people around you, which will help you in your life and make you have healthier lifestyle. There is some people who are bad. It’s a fact , and you should learn how to deal with them if it’s a must or ignore and walk away from them if you can. Let your emotional brain have some role in your life and guide you with what naturally built-in. Some people make you happy, others make you feel bad , get close to the first party and leave the last.

Remember always , never lose hope … There is always plan H(ope).