Northern Emirates Roadtrip

Road Trip

Road Trip

Living a way of adventure.

Dreams, desires or life wishes. You pick up your back-bag and decide to go on a road trip. Your best friend offers you his 4×4 car packaged with full trust. It’s that kind of trip you wanted to go for 25 years. No map, no GPS. Just shallow memories with road guides in a country you always loved.

You wonder, what is life without adventures?… Who doesn’t believe in getting out of his comfort zone, how can he experience life?…

Memories unfold feelings and emotions to this country. As you go on with your trip with clear mind and loud music. You forget about office, work, responsibilities and life. Crossing city after city, village after village. Driving in heavy fog. Taking photos of places you always heard about but never been to. Trying to find places that you still remember with shallow images. Getting burned from the sun, spending the nights alone in the mountains. Chasing rumors about a waterfall in the middle of the valley. Having your perfect steak at the beach and your perfect breakfast at the other side of the mountains. Trying to capture the sunrise that you waited for 4 hours to discover you are in the wrong place. Sleeping on top of a mountain in an old post looking at the sky and wondering, what kind of idiots who sit behind the desks in that civilized city! That was the summary of my road trip!

The Road-map

1- Al Sharjah: Starting point at the first light. It was foggy I had to stop on my way many times because I couldn’t see the road.

2- Al Dhaid: A small town on the way. Nice to look around.

3- Masafi: very small town just next to the mountain ranges when you reach the fork that goes North and South. Famous for its market and greenery.

4- Dibba: I took the road north which leads you to Dibba. A small town on the Arabian sea. It has border with a sister town in Oman that has the same name. It lies on the foot of the mountain ranges.

5- Al Bediya: from Dibba you take the road south. Don’t miss the Bediya mosque. Historical mosque that was built around 500 years back. Go have a look and take some photos. It has few forts attached to it.

6- Wadi Al Wurayya: This place is tricky to reach. It lies deep in the mountains. On your way south before reaching Khor Fakkan you will pass by area called “Zubara”. You need to take the way opposite to it that goes deep in the mountains. Keep on driving till you finish the road. Then you need to hike to the waterfalls. Just 4 hours hike.

7- Khor Fakkan: Keep on going south. This town can’t be missed. It has a beautiful beach and farms. Stop at the farmers selling fruits at the side of the road. Its fresh pick and really delicious that you can’t find it elsewhere.

8- Al Fujairah: Nice city to look around. Visit the beach.

9- Kalba: fishing town. Has the very ancient feelings attached to it. Few historical sites on the way if you are interested. Beware to turn right on the last roundabout before reaching the border checkpoint with Oman. There is also a big fort in this town, it’s called Al Ghail Fort. Its good to go see it. It lies on top of a hill. You can see the area from there.

10- Wadi Al Helo: Historical site on the way. Easy to miss as you need to take right turn in the mountains. There is a sign. Drive down the valley and go hike around the site. You will find ghost town and few forts on top of the hills around. You can try to hike the hills too and enjoy the magnificent view from the top.

11- Hatta: Very famous city in the mountains. It has beautiful views and weather. Go around the city. Visit the dams and Enjoy the view of the city from the Fort Park.

12- Dubai: The famous Dubai.

13- Ajman: You can enjoy the beach there and the museum.

14- Umm Al Quwin: I ended up there in a resort on the beach. Had breakfast and Enjoyed my stay. Its nice to chill and if you love fishing then this city is your beloved.

15- Ras Al Khaima: The city I was born in. Has the most exciting beaches of All. You can see the mountains from the beach. Also you can Enjoy visiting the historical places around. And don’t forget Al Jais mountain.

16- Khat: This town belongs to Ras Al Khaima. But I put it alone cause you can enjoy many things here. The hot spring of course. The old forts scattered around your way and the farms.

17- Falaj Al Mualla: Famous for its farms that you can see around and the ancient irrigation system called “Falaj” you can see it too.

18- Back to  Ajman Ends the trip.

It took 4 days. You can actually spend more than that, but it was more of a sprint for me.

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